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London Made Country Artist... 

Allie's songwriting strikes a chord & evokes a strong kinship in the heart of country music. With a focus on storytelling with tales straight from her heart, she calls upon the moments that have shaped her life so far to form the poetic narratives in her music.

She grew up in a creative family in London surrounded by singers, musicians, actors & dancers, and was deeply grounded in the classics of country music from a young age. 

No stranger to the stage, Allie performed in many leading-lady roles in musical theatre groups from the tender age of 6, before going on to gig across the UK from the age of 15. She then attended drama school, wrote a science-fiction novel, scripted a collection of short films and plays - one of which she toured across London in 2018, before embarking on her exciting journey with FH Block at the renowned Ealing Studios, to create her debut EP "Gone Baby Gone".

"I am so grateful to the team at FH Block that believed in me and my writing, to help give me the chance to show the world my music. My acting and dancing always gave me so much joy, but being able to speak my truth through my songwriting is a feeling I'll never be able to put into words. Country music has always felt like home to me; a place that brings people together, and I want my music to be a safe place that hopefully so many people can relate to."

Allie's down-to-earth attitude has helped her carve out her emotionally honest and sensitive sound that she is now finally ready to share with the world, in the hope of finding her own place in Country music, and ultimately, in Nashville. 

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